What do we do?

We treat water and sediments with biological products which allow us to restore the natural balance in an ecological and sustainable way without affecting the fish or the environment.

In this way we can:

  • Avoid bad odors.
  • Eliminate the presence of algae.
  • Avoid obstructions in irrigation systems.
  • Avoid loss of performance in heat exchange systems.

  • Gradually reduce the amount of mud present in the lake.

  • Improve the appearance of the lake in a sensitive way.

We provide solutions, we study your case and determine the best treatment technique. The only way to satisfy our customers is by solving the problems for which they hire us.

How do we do it?

The application of products based on bacteria and enzymes allows to restore the equilibrium of water column, which means that there is no food available for the algae and they disappear.

Algae only needs two elements to live in the water:

  • Food (nutrients available in water).
  • Light for photosynthesis.

In addition to the combination of products based on bacteria and enzymes, we use products that serve as a UV filter and thus act on the two elements that algae need to proliferate.


All our customers are equally important to us. We have customers from different activities and lakes of different sizes and all achieve the objectives.

Golf Courses
Golf Courses
In addition to solving the problems caused by algae in irrigation systems, they obtain a significant improvement in the visual aspect of the lake.
Thermal Power Plants
Thermal Power Plants
Due to the biological treatment of the water, the obstructions and loss of performance of the system are solved.
Private entities
Private entities
They achieve the objective of an extremely attractive ornamental lake so that any person who approaches can substantially enjoy the surroundings.


Water Treatment

We restore water balance using biological products.

Biological treatment of sediment

We use bacteria and enzymes to reduce the amount of organic sediment present in the lake.

Lake surface cleaning

We have specific machinery and techniques for cleaning the lake surface.

Aquatic vegetation pruning

We can prune both emergent plants (reeds) and submerged plants (filamentous algae, foxtail, etc.).

Discovering the future

We are a multidisciplinary company focused on the biological treatment of water


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