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We are a company specialized in water treatment and lake maintenance. It guides us in a permanent search for technologies for the treatment of respectful waters with the environment. For this reason we can offer avant-garde solutions for current problems. With more than sweet years of experience in the sector, it guarantees us our seriousness and commitment to achieve the objectives brought to each project.

What do we do?

We treat water and sediments with biological products. In this way, the natural balance is reestablished in an ecological and sustainable way without affecting them in the environment. We also supply conventional and ozone airing equipment.

Ultimately we achieved:

  • Avoid bad odors.

  • Sensibly decrease the presence of algae.

  • Avoid obstructions in irrigation systems.

  • Reduce yield losses in heat exchange systems.

  • Gradually reduce the amount of sludge present in the lake.

  • Improve the visual aspect of the lake.

We studied the problem and determined the best treatment technique. The only way to satisfy our customers is by solving problems for those who hire us. We will tell you below how we did it.

How do we do it?

We apply products based on bacteria and enzymes that allow us to restore the balance of the water column. For this reason the availability of food for the algae is reduced and they disappear.

In concrete, the algae only needs two elements to live in water:

  • Food (nutrients available in water).
  • Light for photosynthesis.

In addition to ecological products, we use products that serve as a light filter. In this way we are acting on them from the elements that need the algae to proliferate. Furthermore, as the level of oxygen dissolved in water is essential for the development of bacteria, for this reason the installation of aerators is proposed if insufficient.


We carry out personalized studies due to the fact that each lake has its particularities (depth, renovation, quality of the incoming water, etc). This is why we can offer the solution that best fits the needs of the lake.

Discover next which are the steps.

  • Sample intake and water analysis.

  • Analysis of results and information.

  • Carrying out treatment proposal.

If you agree with our proposal, we immediately start planning the activities so that we can start treatment as soon as possible.


We have customers for different activities with lakes of different sizes and all of them to achieve the planned objectives.

Next, you can see what kind of customers we are targeting.

Golf courses
Golf courses
The problems caused by algae in irrigation systems are solved and an important improvement in the visual aspect of the lake is obtained.
Thermal Generation Plants
Thermal Generation Plants
Through this treatment it is possible to solve the obstructions and losses of performance of the system.
Private entities
Private entities
Achieve the goal of an extremely attractive ornamental lake, enhancing the surroundings in a substantial way.

style=”color: #000000;”>OUR SERVICES

Water treatment

We restore the water balance using biological products.

Biological treatment of sediment

We use bacteria and enzymes to reduce the amount of organic sediment present in the lake.

Lake aeration

We have different types of aerators to be able to adapt to all needs.

Aquatic vegetation pruning

We can carry out pruning of both emerging and submerged plants.

Our Partners

If you always do the same thing to try to solve a problem, you cannot expect to get different results.

We invite you to address the problem of water from a new approach.

Trusted Partners

We mainly work with leading companies in the sector to develop techniques with cutting edge products. For this reason we can offer the most current and effective solutions.

Discovering the future

We are a multidisciplinary company focused on the biological treatment of water


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