Due each lake has its particularities (depth, water renewal, quality of water supply, etc.) to be able to offer the treatment that best meets the needs, we perform a water study and collect additional information to be able to make a customized treatment proposal.

Discover below what are the steps.

  • Sampling and water analysis – we move to perform sampling and collect all relevant information.

  • Analysis of results and information – We study your case to determine the most appropriate product combination.

  • Making a treatment proposal – We get in contact with you again and tell you the specific treatment for your lake.

If you agree with our proposal, we immediately plan activities so we can start treatment as soon as possible



Water Treatment

We restore the water balance using biological products.

Sludge Biological Treatment

We use bacteria and enzymes to reduce the amount of organic sediment present in the lake.

Lake surface cleaning

We have machinery and specific techniques for cleaning the lake surface.

Aquatic vegetation pruning

We can prune both emergent plants (reeds) and submerged plants (filamentous algae, foxtail, etc.).

If you always do the same thing to try to solve a problem, you can not expect to get different results.

We invite you to approach the problem of water from a new focus.

Trusted Partners

We work with leading companies in the sector to develop techniques with cutting edge products, enabling us to offer the most current and effective solutions.

Discovering the future

We are a multidisciplinary company focused on the biological treatment of water


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