Lake Aeration

We are specialists in aeration of lakes. That is why we have different types of aerators, conventional or with ozone, to be able to adapt to all needs.

Aeration is essential in lakes, as it facilitates biological cycles and improves the effectiveness of bacterial treatments.

Low oxygen levels associated with insufficient aeration can cause odors, cloud water and be fatal to fish.

In addition to transferring oxygen to the water, aeration has another important quality, which is to mix the water, which helps to avoid its stratification.

Surface Aerators

We have high-performance surface aerators that blow large volumes of water into the air. These aerators have a high-efficiency design to guarantee low energy consumption. They have a motor made with robust components that guarantee their reliability and require minimal maintenance.

Submerged Aerators

Among different models, the water circulator with air diffuser stands out for better water flow and more oxygen. It operates silently below the surface of the water. The robust submersible motor with its directly driven propeller produces enormous water circulation with relatively low power consumption. The special action of the high speed motorized impeller draws in air and breaks it into thousands of tiny bubbles. These fine bubbles are injected and drawn into the water stream where they have a long residence time. This improves the oxygenation of the water.
The special jet of water / air bubbles is directed into the water at an angle. This mixes the entire volume together and prevents dead spots.

Microbubble aeration

                          Bigger Bubbles                              Microbubbles

These aeration systems are composed of a compressor and micro-perforated hose that generate microbubbles, which allows a greater contact surface, maximizing the transfer of oxygen to the water at a low operating cost and maintenance.

The bubbles generated by the oxygenation system rise in a laminar regime , which is defined because the flow of bubbles generated rises in an orderly fashion. The bubbles that are generated rise in parallel without intermingling, allowing an optimal transfer of oxygen to the water.

The diffuser hoses are made of durable materials and ensure a constant oxygen distribution pattern over time. The compressors are used in the industry which ensures their robustness and reliability coupled with low maintenance due to their special characteristics.

These systems allow aeration to be combined with the incorporation of ozone.

Ozone, the second element with the highest oxidizing power after fluorine, is the oxidizing agent that acts faster in disinfection, promoting excellent microbiological control.

Due to its great oxidizing capacity and the rapidity in which its third atom dissociates, becoming oxygen, it is used with optimal results and infinitely more reliable than those obtained by other chemical products.

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