Invasion of aquatic plants in Extremadura

A long-standing problem

The invasion of the camalote is a problem that arose in the Guadiana river more than ten years ago. The reproductive capacity of the plant is so great (each seed is multiplied by 25) that despite the efforts, arguably if they are the appropriate methods, it progresses unstoppably having colonized 150 kilometers of the river.

This should make us think about introducing non-native species into ecosystems. These species displace the autochthonous ones and have an exponential growth since there is not a predator present in the ecosystem.

It can also raise the level of the river due to blockages and cause overflow with the consequent problem for the inhabitants near the riverbank. If it manages to enter the irrigation channels, it can obstruct them and ruin the harvest. It can also cause problems in hydroelectric power plants.

In Italy it was possible to control. Will it be possible here ?. Depends only on the authorities? or citizens should we participate more actively so that the authorities become aware?

We will continue the topic in future posts.